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Do you have examples of the charts I can make with your tool?
Yes, visit the gallery page for actual examples of your charts.
Can I create an Area chart?
Yes you can, an area chart is in essence a line chart where an area is filled. So create a line chart and and set a fill option in your dataset. You can also set the tension property to 0 and the point radius to 0 to create an standard area chart.
How can I create a stacked chart?
For the line and bar charts you can stack your data via the chart properties.
How do I create a donut chart?
You can create a donut chart by creating a pie chart and change the Pie/Donut properties.
How can I make a stepped line chart?
Set the stepped line properties of the line chart to before, middle or after.
How can I add the source for the data to the chart?
You can add the source as text annotation to the chart. Select Annotate » Text to add free text to the chart.
How can I add text and shapes to the chart image?
You can annotate your chart with text and shapes via the Annotate function.
I do not like the automatic Y-axis your tool uses, can I change that?
Yes, you can set your Y-axis (and sometimes X-axis) to manual by typing your minimum and maximum axis values in the Grid properties. You can also set the step values of your Axis there.
Can I change the position of the labels of the chart?
You can change the position of the Labels by setting the alignment and anchor values of the Labels.
Can I make the background of the chart transparant?
Yes, click Properties » Background color and move the transparancy slider (2nd horizontal slider from the top) to the left. Make sure you save the chart as PNG image to preserve the transparancy.
What CSV format do you need for the different chart types?
You can create a sample chart and export as CSV to find the format we need or you can download it here for: Line, Vertical bar, Horizontal bar, Pie/Donut, Scatter, Radar, Polar Area, Bubble, Funnel, Gauge.
How safe and private is the data I enter in your tool?
Our tool works completely in your browser so when you add data to your chart no data is send to our server. So your data will stay private.
Can I save the chart and edit it later?
Yes you can, use File » Save and we save a .chart file locally on your computer. You can edit that later via File » Open.
Can I change the size (width or height) of the chart?
Yes you can via File » Chart size. Select from the standard sizes or enter a custom size.
I need a bigger resolution image than the maximum size of 2000. How do I do that?
If you need a HD image, simply save the image as a High Definition image via File » Save image as HD. We will generate an image with a much bigger size than the size you selected.
I saved my chart on my computer but I cannot find it, where is it?
Usually the charts and images are saved in the downloads folder of your browser. Check that folder.
I accidentally saved an image online, how can I remove it?
Go to File » Save/share online, click on history and then delete the image you accidentally saved online.